The consultation is the most important step in achieving great results. Every appointment has ample time built in so that we can get to know our client, their lifestyle, and their expectations. We welcome any inspiration photos or personal makeup as a way to reference what you enjoy. Intake forms are reviewed, medical history is discussed, and with your permission, pre-procedures photos are taken.


Our technicians are trained to measure all the points of the client’s face or body with a ruler to ensure symmetry and precision. The technician will then mark and outline the shape that is most flattering to the client. This shape is shown to, and thoroughly discussed with, the client. This step is all done first with traditional makeup to ensure that the shape can be adjusted if needed before the procedure begins.


Once our client approves the shape drawn, a color is selected between the technician and client. Our pigments are of extremely high quality, made in the USA, vegan friendly, never tested on animals, free of any metals, gamma-ray sterilized, and have an extensive record of safety in both medical and artistic fields.


Permanent cosmetic procedures are known to have little to no pain associated with it, however, we want to ensure the utmost comfort during the procedure. If needed, topical numbing agents are applied before and during the procedure and are very effective. Our clients are lying down, and comfortable during the entire procedure.


Only after the client has approved the shape and color, and the numbing is completed, the technician will proceed with the procedure. The technician will open a sterile needle in front of the client and start the procedure. Everything that is used that touches the client during this step, is disposed of. We only use single-use products.


Once the procedure is complete, the reveal happens. We show our client their new stunning enhancement and ask the client if they would like to make any adjustments before they leave. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, so we always make sure you walk out the door happy. We review aftercare instructions and provide healing ointment that will be needed for the first 7-10 days after the procedure. With permission, after photos are taken and provided to each client.


In some cases, procedures may be a multi-session process, meaning, a refreshing appointment after the initial service may be necessary. This session is done 1 ½ -2 months after the initial procedure. At this session, the client and technician will go over any concerns they may have had during the healing, fill in any areas that may have faded, or simply go thicker or add more color than the first time! We always strive to be conservative in the first session to ensure the client is satisfied. It is far easier to add more than to take away.


he main factors that affect the retention of permanent cosmetics are the client’s skincare routine, skin type, and environment. When you feel the need to use traditional cosmetics to fill in any area that was treated, that is a sign that it is time to schedule your refresh. On average, refresh appointments are needed every 1-3 years. When you feel like the time is nearing for your refresh, we encourage you to reserve your appointment as, during particular times of the year, we may be booked for several months out.